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Overcrowding has been a hot topic at the Dickinson High School, and on Monday night the school board looked at some options for what a future high school may look like.

Three options right now are remodel, expand, or build an entirely new school.

The cost of the project ranges from $99 million to $117 million for a school with a 1,600 student capacity.

The three options have been discussed in three different workshops with school faculty, parents, and students, and currently there is a heightened level of interest in building a new school.

"With the community meeting we had . . . When there was not a single person in favor of option one or two . . .the remodel or expansion . . . and that's what architects are spending their time on right now (new school), but they are still exploring cost for all three options," said Kevin Hoherz, Dickinson High School principal.

Dickinson High School currently has a little more than a thousand students, and their enrollment has grown seven percent from last year

At the meeting the school board selected JE Dunn Construction as the  "Construction Management At Risk (CMAR) for Dickinson High School, Including Bond Services for the High School and Future Elementary School".

Hoherz said a fourth workshop will be at Dickinson High School on December 13, for further discussion on the development and construction of a new high school in Dickinson.