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Science & Technology
Science and Technology
Science and Technology
Science & Technology
Putting expertise to work.
With an exclusive dedication to Science & Technology facility construction and operations, our professionals put their experience to work for you. We study cutting-edge research methods and techniques and when they require specialized spaces, we are ready to build them. Every S&T project we construct pairs national subject matter experts with local operations teams, combining industry knowledge and market conditions for your success.
Collaborating early and often.
We are committed to making research, teaching, and production spaces fit, functional, and ready for use. To do so, we depend heavily on our integrated mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineers who work alongside project consulting engineers. These MEP professionals develop strategies to achieve environmental and lab equipment specified performance so users can focus on research, not their thermostat.
Eyes on the target.
Once we have a clear vision of your project, we use our extensive cost history database to develop a realistic, initial budget. Once that target value is set, then we can engage architects and engineers to kick off the design process. With every decision that is made, we check back against our target budget to ensure are still within cost limitations. Target Value Delivery is just one element of our lean journey that we are eager to join you on.
Project Spotlight
John. T. Tate Hall for University of Minnesota
John T. Tate Hall Renovation

Bringing a 20th-century building up to date with 21st-century MEP systems is a difficult enough task. Add the fact that the building is on the National Register of Historic Places, and that compounds some of the challenges that come with renovating a science and laboratory space. Senior Project Manager Brett Dunlap details the team's approach and innovative solutions to completing an inspired renovation of the University of Minnesota's John. T. Tate Hall.

NREL Laboratory of the Year

Named an R&D magazine project of the year, the NREL ESIF lab was the first-of-its-kind 182,500 sf research user facility that features a unique merging of three very specialized components: an ultra-energy efficient workplace that consumes 74% less energy than the national average for office buildings; one of the world's most energy-efficient high performance computing data centers; and sophisticated high-bay laboratory spaces with outdoor test areas.

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