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Historic Preservation
Historic_Minnesota Capitol
Historic_Minnesota Capitol
Historic Preservation
Perseverance and patience pay off.
Grateful to work for clients who chose to invest in the future by preserving the past, our team demonstrates an appreciation for historical design, renovation, artifact restoration, and preservation. Historic restorations take time, patience, highly specialized skill and perseverance—but they often require many modernizations to enable these structural works of art to stand the test of time. Performing this historic work means restoring not only buildings and monuments, but also community pride. Whether carefully revitalizing stone facades, working with iron and plaster to rebuild iconic elements, or even peeling back the years to reveal hidden murals of art, reconstruction of details brings us the most joy.
Honored to restore a city's splendor.
“Kansas City is our home, and if we can be part of restoring the beautiful fountains that give our city character and bring joy to so many people, then we will do what we can to make that happen. We are proud and humbled to work with the City of Fountains Foundation to ensure these landmarks are not only operating, but that they are also restored to their original beauty—while throwing in some modern enhancements to some as well.” - Bill Dunn, Sr.
Keeping history alive.
Focused on preserving the past while integrating events of today, the Kansas City Museum renovation project is more than restoring an old structure—it's resurrecting history and sparking a love of it for future generations. From salvaging and matching gilding from more than 100 years ago to putting a puzzle of millwork pieces together for reinstallation, the team navigated the challenges together with the owner and architect to retain the history and beauty of the Kansas City landmark.
Project Spotlight
Kansas State Capitol

Designed as a 10-year, six-phase project, the restoration of the Kansas State Capitol building allowed for staggered completion dates of the interior restoration of the East, West, North and South wings. Much on the interior space was restored to its earlier grandeur and included the restoration of the Governor's office to it circa 1900 design.

Minnesota State Capitol

Originally constructed in 1905, the Minnesota State Capitol is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. A comprehensive restoration of both the interior and exterior addressed the needs of restoration, life safety, accessibility, asset preservation, and long-term functionality.

A Collection of JE Dunn Historical Renovations

From capitols and courthouses to museums and monuments, JE Dunn's restoration projects have changed the landscape of communities in every corner of the country.

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