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Energy & Utility
Energy & Utility
Staying ahead of the trends.
Energy consumption, needs, and processes have evolved, bringing changes to codes that require innovative solutions to both meet and exceed expectations. Energy codes have baseline efficiency requirements that are 50% more efficient than just a decade ago, requiring a central utility plant solution tailored for each complex project. A detailed study to incorporate the proper components and control schemes, with a total cost of ownership analysis helps guide the owner, design team, and contractor to the best solutions for a project.
A team of in-house experts.
As a general contractor, having in-house mechanical and electrical expertise is paramount. A successful build for a predominately mechanical and electrical project (CUP) is successful when the general contractor understands the operation of the systems through completion, and can bring experience and expertise to the team during construction.
Start with the end in mind.
Designing with the end in mind and utilizing prefabrication for central utility plants results is less surprises and more opportunities to collaborate from project kick-off to completion. By employing efficient design methods and prefabricating wherever possible, we take man hours out of the field and into a controlled work environment, helping alleviate the pressure on skilled trades while resulting in better safety control, higher quality, and faster schedules.
Project Spotlight
Oklahoma University Central Utility Plant

The University of Oklahoma Central Utilities Plant utilizing two 7MW gas turbine electric generators with two heat recovery steam generators, four 2,500 TON chillers and built up cooling towers. Construction also included new tunnel systems to expand the campus steam and chilled water distribution.

Missouri University of Science & Technology Geothermal Project

JE Dunn constructed the Missouri University of Science & Technology geothermal well project, which is one of the largest geothermal projects taken on to-date in the United States. The Missouri S&T Geothermal Energy Project supplys energy to 15 campus buildings and the campus chilled-water system, which serves much of the university.

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