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Courthouse & Justice
Courthouse & Justice
Experts in courthouse and justice facilities.
Filling a need.
With an aging, overcrowded courthouse, the decision to construct a new one in Johnson County, Kan., presented an opportunity to address other issues raised by the community and its residents. In 2016, Johnson County voters approved a 10-year, quarter-cent public safety sales tax to fund the project. The courthouse will meet Johnson County's judicial needs for more than 75 years as the county expects to add 10,000 residents each year. When complete, the 28-courtroom courthouse will cost much less to maintain than the current building, and it will better separate inmates and criminal defendants from victims, witnesses, jurors, and others in courthouse corridors. Designed with future growth in mind, the courthouse will fill the county's judicial needs for the next 75 years with the ability to add more courtrooms as the need arises.
A team's tunnel vision.
An eight-week project kicked off in early February 2019 to build a new branch of the courthouse tunnel. This tunnel is used for the secure transport of inmates to and from the courthouse and the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office Central Booking Facility. Due to a new courthouse being built across the street a new tunnel branch was needed. Despite multiple days of heavy winter snow, the project wrapped up April 8 – ten days ahead of schedule.
Project Spotlight
Johnson County Courthouse
GSA Wayne L. Morse U.S. Federal Courthouse

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