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Corporate Environments
Corporate Environments 222 Second Avenue
Corporate Environments 222 Second Avenue
Corporate Environments
Redefining the way companies work.
Customized spaces. Collaborative work areas. Brand identity. Now more than ever, companies are creating office environments as individual as the people who work in them, providing a spark for the creative fire that inspires a workforce, bonds a team, and drives organizations forward.
Leveraging technology for certainty of results.
Creativity isn't limited to the corporate environment spaces we create. It's for owners, too. Using Lens, we offer clients real-time results, allowing teams to design on the fly as they "optioneer" buildings to suit every need—all with certainty of price and schedule—in a collaborative, purpose-driven environment.
Office building using Lens software
New ways to bring people together.
Gone are cookie-cutter offices and in are adaptable spaces and unique amenities to bring teammates together for a more collaborative, team-oriented environment. Ranging from on-site gyms and childcare to rooftop patios and outdoor lounges, the corporate spaces we build mirror our clients' organizational visions, values, and emphasis on growing as a team.
Project Spotlight
Cerner Innovations Campus

After completing the first two phases, which included two office towers and a health center, the team is currently constructing phases three and four of the 12-year, $4.5 billion master plan.

222 2nd Ave

Nashville's 222 mixed-use building may be visually stunning and boast modern amenities, but equally as impressive is JE Dunn's ability to come up with creative solutions to deliver results. Thanks to collaborative problem solving and self-forming the concrete package, the team saved the client $2 million on the overall project.

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