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Experienced Professionals
Proud of the projects completed and the foundation we've built to inspire the future of construction.
Experienced Professionals
Fueling success with empowerment and innovation.
Knowing the only constant is change, JE Dunn remains committed to evolving along with it, empowering all employees to drive advancement through innovation. From testing the latest technology to developing our own software solutions, we foster an environment of collaboration, originality, and advancement.
Changing skylines and owning our future.
As an employee-owned company, our team takes pride in building something greater, for the community and for our people. Having a stake in the ESOP means everyone shares successes as well as goals. Shares one vision and lives out one purpose. And shares in owning our futures together.
Proud of our rich history, we can't wait to continue changing it.
Founded more than 95 years ago, we continue to build on our history and remain committed to bettering communities alongside those who live in them. From our expertise in the field and on the job to our dedication to serving others, our people are as skilled at building as they are changing lives.
Keeping the focus on our people.
Our commitment to health and well-being is just one of the reasons we offer industry-leading benefits. From putting families first to a well-rounded, robust benefits package, we're focused on our people and providing the best for the best.
Hear it from our people
Molly Lyons

"My favorite part about working at JE Dunn is the opportunities we have day in and day out. From my internship to a full-time position, I was really attracted to working a company like JE Dunn where we can make a huge difference. Nothing feels greater than working for a team that will positively impact communities across the country. " 

Brady Myers

“I’m so proud to work with such passionate and dedicated individuals. There’s so much wealth of this knowledge at JE Dunn that we can glean on from a day-to-day basis. In order to generate a successful project, we have to work hard as a team from conception to completion — and that’s something I’m proud to say we do.”

Cheryl Luther

"I've been working with JE Dunn for 32 years and worked my way from an apprentice carpenter all the way to a general superintendent. The one thing I can say about JE Dunn is when everyone else was talking about it, JE Dunn actually gave me the opportunity to start running work. JE Dunn has always been loyal to its employees, and this is a place where you can grow. It's not a job. It's a career."

Mitch Swymeler

"My favorite thing about JE Dunn is working with great people who support and challenge me and who are genuinely interested in my growth, both professionally and personally. I have an architectural background. I spent my first five years at JE Dunn in the VDC department and the last seven years with the quality group. My mentors here at JE Dunn have helped me realize my strengths and give me opportunities to grow all the time."

Got Questions? We've Got Answers!
Experienced Professionals
What is JE Dunn's hiring process?

Our process is led by our team of internal Talent Acquisition Managers and begins with a review of applicant resumes and qualifications.     We are usually fortunate to receive interest from several well-qualified and talented professionals which can make the selection process highly competitive.   If your skills and qualification match the requirements of the role, the first step is typically a telephone interview with the Talent Acquisition Manager to allow us to get to know you, understand your goals and aspirations, and further evaluate your background. You’ll also get a chance to get to know about us.   Following the first-round phone interview, candidates may be invited to meet with us face-to-face. Hiring decisions are typically made within a few weeks of a second interview. Throughout the process, we will stay in close contact with you and keep you informed for your status and our anticipated decision timeline.

What can I expect in my interviews?

The first-round interview is typically a phone interview with one of our Talent Acquisition Managers.  The conversation plus the information we have gathered through your resume, application and work experience helps us evaluate what contributions you personally would be able to make to our company.  The second-round is typically in-person at one of our office locations and will provide an opportunity for you to get to know several of our leaders.  We will continue to evaluate your fit for the role and the JE Dunn culture while you learn more about our company, our culture and the services we provide.

How can I make a good impression throughout the interview process?

We suggest three things:

  1. Be prepared. Understand who JE Dunn is, our industry and what makes us unique.    It’s also important to be clear on and ready to articulate your own goals and preferences.   What is important to you in your next role and why should JE Dunn hire you?
  2. Be professional.  This is a job interview and first impressions count. Be on time and dress appropriately.
  3. Ask questions. Compile research before your interview so you can ask thoughtful questions as they relate to our company and current industry issues.   You want to come away with all the information you need to make an informed decision.
How can I apply for a job?

Please click here to review our current openings and submit your resume directly online.  If there is not an opening that matches your skills, we encourage you to set up a job alert and join our talent community to stay in touch. 

Where are JE Dunn’s offices located?

JE Dunn operates out of 22 office locations. We also build in cities all across the country depending on our clients' needs.  For a map of our locations, click here.