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Early Career Professionals
JE Dunn invests in the future of our company and our communities by offering a robust internship program and a range of entry level opportunities.
Early Career Professionals
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National Diversity Scholarship
National Diversity Scholarship

Building a diverse and inclusive workforce means more than simply recruiting top talent -- it means mentoring a new generation of builders while fostering a culture of innovation and creative thinking. We believe in growing as a team and providing opportunities to set the foundation for a career in construction. Geared toward construction and engineering students, JE Dunn’s National Diversity Scholarship supports our 3-pillar strategy for diversity and inclusion: workforce, workplace, and marketplace.

Hear it From Our People

Getting his start as an intern, Kevin Thompson knows the path he takes is up to him — and joining JE Dunn upon graduation, Molly Lyons understands that working as a team from the beginning can make a huge difference.  Check out their professional journies and how they are making an impact at JE Dunn and the industry.

Molly Lyons
Kevin Thompson
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What You'll Do
From on-the-job training to essential experiences and a final project, one of the most important takeaways of an internship at JE Dunn is the opportunity to gain a real-world experience and chance to put your education into practice. From day one, you’ll be paired with a mentor, work directly on a team, and build buildings and relationships that will positively impact your career. Not only will you learn on the field, but you’ll gain insight to multiple areas of our business that will, in turn, help you gain a better understanding of the construction industry as a whole.
Leading the charge to better benefits.
At JE Dunn, we are higher performers and proven builders. This is demonstrated by our commitment to development and growing the skills of our future leaders – and that means our interns, too. More than 50% of our new graduate hires are former interns. As an intern, you’ll learn industry and professional skills, personal development and strengths, the chance to be part of a high impact team, and more.
What You'll Take Away
As the saying goes at JE Dunn, the only thing we build better than buildings is relationships. Whether you’re on or off the field, you’ll take away an invaluable work experience, long standing friendships and an unforgettable work culture. From serving others in our communities to producing high-quality work each day, we take pride providing a fun and safe work environment for our people.
Summer Internship Testimonials
Addy Maples

"My favorite thing about JE Dunn is the people I work with. They've really taken me under their wing this summer, and I've been able to learn not only about the construction industry, but also valuable life lessons I can take with me in the future." -Addy Maples, Marketing Intern

Pierce Brown

"I love getting to come to my site everyday and be part of the progress we make while also building meaningful relationships with my team members." - Pierce Brown, Project Management Intern


Questions? Find answers here.
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What can I expect in my interviews?

The first-round interview is typically a group interview on campus, providing an opportunity to get to know several of our leaders. The information we have gathered through your resume, application and work experience helps us evaluate what contributions you personally would be able to make to our company. The second-round interview is conducted in one our regional offices. This all-day Experience JE Dunn event is an opportunity for you to learn more about our company, our culture and the services we provide. You may even visit a jobsite, or two.

What will the hiring & interview process look like at JE Dunn in light of COVID-19?

Our approach for hiring & interviewing this fall will be coordinated to ensure the safety, health, and wellbeing of all our employees and candidates. JE Dunn will continue to follow CDC guidance, except where local jurisdiction, health authorities, or schools/universities dictate alternative requirements.  As such, the majority of our engagement this fall will be virtual, and we look forward to connecting with students via specific campus platforms as well as other mediums our company has leveraged in light of the current environment. If your campus has a specific program they’re leveraging (Handshake, Zoom, etc.) for their career fairs, make sure you’re signed up!

How can I make a good impression throughout the interview process?

We suggest three things:

  1. Be prepared. Understand who JE Dunn is, our industry and what makes us unique. It’s also important to be clear on and ready to articulate your own goals and preferences. What is important to you in your first position and why should JE Dunn hire you?
  2. Be professional. This is a job interview and first impressions count. Be on time and dress appropriately.
  3. Ask questions. Compile research before your interview so you can ask thoughtful questions as they relate to our company and current industry issues. You want to walk away with all the information you need to make an informed decision.
How can I apply for a job?

JE Dunn recruits are encouraged to apply for on-campus interviews through their career services center. However, if we are not scheduled on your campus, we still want to meet you. Please click here to submit your resume directly, online.

What majors does JE Dunn recruit for?

JE Dunn primarily recruits for positions in construction management, civil engineering, electrical engineering, architectural engineering, and mechanical engineering. We also have several other opportunities throughout JE Dunn where we look for candidates with majors such as accounting, finance and more.

Where are JE Dunn’s offices located?

JE Dunn operates out of 24 offices across the United States. For a map of our locations, click here.

What does the internship experience at JE Dunn include?

Not your typical intern experience, JE Dunn strives to give college students hands-on experience that not only provides invaluable project and field skills, but also that prepares participants for future employment in the construction industry. Our interns are out on project sites, getting in the trenches from day one and contributing to the construction of buildings that change skylines—and careers.

Our program aims to have student’s walk away with an understanding of JE Dunn’s:

  • Purpose & Vision, Guiding Principles, and Culture
  • Business Functions & Organization Structure
  • Key Role Responsibilities
  • Talent Framework- behaviors that are important in how the work gets done


We do that through:

  • On the job exposure
  • Execution of essential construction experiences
  • Ongoing performance feedback
  • Professional development
  • JEFunn
What does the onboarding & training experience look like for entry level employees?
  • JE Dunn is committed to supporting new employees in their successful transition to our workplace. Successful transitioning requires an onboarding plan that engages each new employee from their offer acceptance through their first 90 days of employment.
  • Because many of our early career professionals are accepting their offers weeks (and more often months) before their start, we make it a priority to stay in touch via newsletter and regular calls.
  • Once onboard, our “Dunn from Day 1” onboarding program provides the​ structure, support and resources needed to accelerate employee productivity, increase engagement,  and ensure all of our new hires feel like valued members of the team. 
  • After 90 days, our new employees can take part in a variety of in-person and online learning programs designed to develop our people both professionally and personally.   JE Dunn’s in-house learning programs equip employees with the skills they need to become proficient in their current roles while also preparing them for their future career aspirations.  Some of the offerings our early career professionals can anticipate include: National Orientation, Dunn 101, Supervision 100, and much more!