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JE Dunn construction worker in the field with a hardhat.
Inspired people create inspired places that enrich the lives of others. Discover how we can help you find yours.
Take your career to new heights.
In the office or in the field, the opportunity to make your mark with JE Dunn is everywhere. With 22 offices and many jobsites from coast to coast, we're looking for innovative thinkers and industry movers to shape the future of construction with us.
Experienced Professionals working on tablet.
Carve your path. Build a career.
From a robust intern program to comprehensive learning and development opportunities, JE Dunn is a place for early career professionals to define their futures. Take a look to discover what opportunities lie ahead as you carve your path with us.
Early professionals learning on site.
Craft your future with JE Dunn.
JE Dunn recognizes we could not build community-changing projects without our skilled tradesmen and women. It's our team of accomplished specialists that make us who we are, which is why we offer unparalleled opportunity, experiences, and benefits to our partners in the field—because after all, they are family.
Crane at a jobsite.
Volunteers at Charlotte Beds for Kids.
Awards are nice, but it's our culture that sets us apart.
We love that others appreciate why we're great, but what really excites our employees is our commitment to building the best culture with the right people who enjoy doing life together. Building on our rich history, our employees owners are shaping the future of JE Dunn, one person and one building at at time.
Best Place to Work
Consistently ranked one of the best places to work across the country, JE Dunn provides inspired places to enrich the lives of employees and those around them.
Healthiest 100 Employer
Wellness programs, on-site gyms, and a commitment to overall well-being lands JE Dunn in the list of America's 100 Healthiest Employers.
Most Admired Company
With a guiding principle of doing the right thing, we're honored to be recognized for our impact on the economy, our employees, and communities around the country.
Lower than industry turnover rate
Employees know JE Dunn is a great place to work. That's why, at 6%, our unplanned attrition is much lower than the 10% industry average.
Industry-leading benefits
Paid-time off, parental leave, and wellness programs are just a few ways we reward our people.
Proud to be Employee-owned
With a stake in the ESOP, JE Dunn employees own their futures, work together for a common goal, and share in the success of the company.
Early Career Professional
Kevin Thompson

"Before I started my internship in 2015, I had very little exposure to the construction industry, but I learned so much throughout my internship experience, and it really prepared me for my current full-time position. My favorite part about working at JE Dunn would have to be the culture. Throughout my time here, I’ve had the chance to learn from industry professionals with more than 30 years of experience. They really they took me under their wing, teaching me the JE Dunn way. I can say because of them, I am where I am today."

Victoria Thomas

“My favorite thing about JE Dunn is the people I work with. They’ve really taken me under their wing this summer, and I’ve been able to learn not only about the construction industry, but valuable life lessons I can take with me in the future.”

Experienced Professional
Molly Lyons

"My favorite part about working at JE Dunn is the opportunities we have day in and day out. From my internship to a full-time position, I was really attracted to working a company like JE Dunn where we can make a huge difference. Nothing feels greater than working for a team that will positively impact communities across the country. " 

Brady Myers

“I’m so proud to work with such passionate and dedicated individuals. There’s so much wealth of this knowledge at JE Dunn that we can glean on from a day-to-day basis. In order to generate a successful project, we have to work hard as a team from conception to completion — and that’s something I’m proud to say we do.”

Cheryl Luther

"I've been working with JE Dunn for 32 years and worked my way from an apprentice carpenter all the way to a general superintendent. The one thing I can say about JE Dunn is when everyone else was talking about it, JE Dunn actually gave me the opportunity to start running work. JE Dunn has always been loyal to its employees, and this a place where you can grow. It's not a job. It's a career."

Mitch Swymeler

"My favorite thing about JE Dunn is working with great people who support and challenge me and who are genuinely interested in my growth, both professionally and personally. I have an architectural background. I spent my first five years at JE Dunn in the VDC department and the last seven years with the quality group. My mentors here at JE Dunn have helped me realize my strengths and give me opportunities to grow all the time."